Hello there everyone. Let me introduce myself. I have worked doing front line social services for 24 years. Before getting burnt out at my job, I decided to quit work and follow my bliss , this happened just under 2 years ago.. Music and art have been my passions for as long as I can remember. I bought some drums ……..again for the 5th time, and began to practice daily in my home. The picture above is a new rendering of my friends art; her name is Rose Cartwright and this picture is in progress.Ive been collaborating with a variety of people and I thank every one of them. Sometimes I play at the V-lounge, a large bar in downtown Victoria and other times at smaller venues and homes including my own. .Every musician has so many unique gifts and abilities both on their instrument and in their personality. If you would like please visit by Utube site, under Kathy Omalley. There are two musical samples of me playing percussion..Thanks for visiting!