Expulsion; Part two

via Expulsion; Part two


Expulsion; Part two


they’re hangin around

clangin around


to be booted


its okay, its alright,

its safe, no feelin like a waif,

Ya GOT to feel them to heal them.

This resolve will dissolve, then,

we can evolve.

Our chains are gone, we are free, like stars, no one to hold us back and

tell us where to go. * * * * * ****20171105_180952


Okay, its a hot topic, particularily on twitter. people are chastised for it, pathologized and  agonized over  it, however, the information about it is really quite polarized.  In this current age that we live in, we seem to be redesignng our collective. we are not yes sayers who blindly go along with our leaders without question.. wouldn’t that make our culture vulnerable to such tragedies as the holocaust? we are trying to survive this culture as individuals, bringing our own talents, ideas and art etc into it. In order to facilitate this, we must find out who we are, we must have interaction with others, not to make us feel superior, special or powerful, but to validate our ideas, our beings. we are trying to share with others using social platforms.

But do we still care for others? We must keep things in balance, many of us are single and we must be careful with our expendable energy, we have no one to pick up the pieces. The question is, how to find, determine and organize that balance. For example, I just cannot understand and tolerate how, in this civilized society , we can allow people to live on our streets, but what can i do? I can talk about it on twitter and try to change the consciousness and I do…

Loving each other is still modern, its still on the table, I see it in our youth, our elderly, our men, our women, our gay friends, our lesbians and our neigbours, our muslins, everyone….Any comments or thoughts????



Ive been directed by a few friends to listen to Eckart Tolle. He is quite interesting, if the subject matter is not relevant to me, his voice is calming and comforting. His talk on suffering and pain body however has resonated with me. By becoming aware of triggers of anger, depression, irritability etc, we can fearlessly unpack these emotions and deal with them. For me, its depression, if I allow the feeling to come, examine their content, try to put myself in the third person to observe, this often brings the emotions into perspective. then…. they will dissipate, their power, no longer holding us ransom, no longer instilling great fear and anxiety. this does not happen overnight, it will become a practice, why do they not teach us this at school.. The second most  powerful modality of healing to me is , do not think too much! We will use up and waste our life. My life has been very colorful and expansive the past 2 years. I have tried to do whatever my soul and body wants me to…this includes daily drum practice , guitar playing, reading and of course seeking out and finding a loving relationship with whomever I wanted. in my case it was a lovely, quirky, writer and musician. She taught me alot about love,  healing and poetry , and of course music.   Unfortunately, a few pain bodies arose and I realized their are parts of myself that need healing some more……

I am now living in a mobile on my own property and renting out my house. this will hopefully enable me to continue to play and practice and travel. Either that or really appreciate the amenities such as running hot water, but again i feel like an explorer, nothing my relatives coming over from europe to Saskatchewan didnt have to deal with, after all i am their relative.

Any thoughts or comments on any of these subjects are welcomed…..Kathy

The Roost

yes, Helen and I played at the roost restaurant, 4 times now, and, we got paid! On Friday, a violinist who lives on a boat, joined us. Her addition gave texturous life to our sound, lifted the tunes into the air. was beautiful

Life Celebrations

So Ive been to several life celebrations; full of music,. Patricia, Helens partner died suddenly one year ago from brain cancer. After a gruelling year, Helen has started climbing out of the darkness. She had a party with 50 guests , music started at 3.30 and went until 11pm. The party was strangely joyous, Helen thanked many people for their support this year. She and Patricia had many friends and supporters.

Autos Dad also died fairly quickly and suddenly this year. He was a musician and a great fisherman, father, husband and friend of many. His celebration was at Gorgeous Coffee and it included many musicians, this can be viewed on VILLM , utube site. Again, this was joyeous and a little sad. Music got us all through it…


How do we treat our mothers? She creates, she nurtures, she connects, she brings to gether. what if we treated mother earth as gently and preciously as we could. wouldn’t that be good. what if women were revered as that being that brings life, nurtures and honors life. if we treated our earth the same way. that would be so simple but life changing .