Okay, its a hot topic, particularily on twitter. people are chastised for it, pathologized and  agonized over  it, however, the information about it is really quite polarized.  In this current age that we live in, we seem to be redesignng our collective. we are not yes sayers who blindly go along with our leaders without question.. wouldn’t that make our culture vulnerable to such tragedies as the holocaust? we are trying to survive this culture as individuals, bringing our own talents, ideas and art etc into it. In order to facilitate this, we must find out who we are, we must have interaction with others, not to make us feel superior, special or powerful, but to validate our ideas, our beings. we are trying to share with others using social platforms.

But do we still care for others? We must keep things in balance, many of us are single and we must be careful with our expendable energy, we have no one to pick up the pieces. The question is, how to find, determine and organize that balance. For example, I just cannot understand and tolerate how, in this civilized society , we can allow people to live on our streets, but what can i do? I can talk about it on twitter and try to change the consciousness and I do…

Loving each other is still modern, its still on the table, I see it in our youth, our elderly, our men, our women, our gay friends, our lesbians and our neigbours, our muslins, everyone….Any comments or thoughts????